Catching Up

Long time, no blog! No real reason other than life is happening and I’d rather be living it than blogging it. Let’s see…everything to catch you up on will be totally random and I’m not even going to try and pretend to make them into a well-packaged blog post so buckle up for some randomness.

Last weekend

Fridays we usually keep it chill and stay in. Long gone are the weeks where I would go out and about every Friday night. I’d rather stay at home in my pjs, have a nice dinner, and catch up on some Netflix.

We’ve been doing a “cleanse” of some sort (though it’s not really a cleanse, it’s just cleaning up our diet) since the beginning of January which makes eating out a little difficult so we’ve been making most meals at home. Last Friday I made this Moroccan Meatball recipe and served it over mashed cauliflower and roasted broccoli. It was SO good. It was even better the next day!

Moroccan meatballs

We also finished planning our route for our Europe trip (!!!), but I’ll share more details of that in another post.

Saturday we met some friends at Top Golf, which is this golf complex where you make a game out of hitting golf balls. They also have drinks and bar food, plus comfy seating and heaters for when it’s cold outside.

Top Golf

Ryan and Brittney

It was fun! I’m absolutely terrible and have no idea what I’m doing but I still liked it.

Sunday was spent not doing much. We both did some work, relaxed, watched Homeland (omg we are so obsessed and can’t stop watching), prepped for the week ahead.

Freelance life

Have a great day

My solopreneur business is starting to take off a bit. I don’t really plan to discuss much about it here because, well…I’m not sure it’s that interesting? Ha. Though at times it can be overwhelming, frustrating, and I can feel totally clueless at times (just being honest), it’s been totally worth it so far. I love what I’m doing and I’m loving the people I’m working with.


sun shining

The weather has been awesome this week! It got to 67 today! On January 28th! I’m sorry Wisconsin friends.


Murphy and his toys

It does get cold here though. And Murphy hates the cold just like his mama. Every single time I turn on the space heater in the office, he plops down right in front of it and doesn’t move. Every. Single. Time. What a kook.

Dutch oven

Ryan surprised me with a dutch oven last week! If it’s not already apparent, I love cooking and we didn’t have a dutch oven (mainly because they are so gosh dang expensive!) but he found this one on super sale on Amazon (and it’s not a Le Creuset…ha) and bought it! Love the red color too.

K, I think that’s it for now!

2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I’m jealous of your Europe trip AND your 67-degree weather. Luckily, Evansville is going to hit 60 this weekend! But, I have no comparison for the Europe trip. I’ll just sit here in my jealousy.

    Your snaps of Murphy monopolizing the space heater always crack me up. Life would be so dull without our pups!

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