The Move To Dallas: Part 2

I last left off with sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag. It was as fun and exciting as you can imagine.

After I took Murphy for one last walk around our neighborhood, the complex associate came over to do a final check of our place before I left.

And then we were off!

…to the grocery store because I realized that the movers packed my toothbrush and toothpaste.

Brittney Car

After that minor hiccup, we were on the road. I drove to Indianapolis the first night to stay and go out to dinner with friends. Then, I made my way to good ole Evansville, aka where I’m from, so I could hang with my parents and friends for a few days. First stop, Indiana! Indiana


This was about as close as Murphy and Fred were going to get.   Kentucky

Murphy & Mocha

Murphy and Mocha!   Murphy & Drifter

Murphy and Drifter!

Murphy & Kim

Murphy and Kim! (Are you seeing a trend?) It was great seeing everyone, but having Murphy made me anxious the whole time. I knew I was pushing it with him staying at a different place almost every night and overall he did great. It was hard to really “relax” since all of my stuff and Murphy’s was crammed into my car and we basically lived out of it for a week. Anyways, after stopping in Evansville, we made the trek to Little Rock, Arkansas, where we would stay in a hotel for a night. I probably should have thought more about where this hotel was located because it was right off the interstate, no sidewalks at all to walk Murphy, and directly next to the airport (which meant it was loud). The stay there was fine. Murphy had some weird aversion to walking on the tile next to all of the exit doors (?) and I had a brief panic of “oh my gosh, I’m going to have to live the rest of my life in this hotel because Murphy won’t leave” (dramatic much?) but I eventually found a door that had a rug that I could scoot so Murphy would walk on it. The things you do for your pets… Also, the space for his crate was quite small.   Murphys crate

Murphys crate

Thankfully we were only there for one night! I got to Dallas around 1ish the next day, bringing my one week trip down south to a close. Ryan had beautiful flowers waiting for me.   Dallas apt

What a guy.

Murphy wasted no time getting comfortable in our new home.


We had our work cut out for us, that’s for sure.   Dallas apt

But it felt good to finally be HOME!

Ryan & Brittney

3 thoughts on “The Move To Dallas: Part 2

  1. Murphy looks a little frightened in the photo with me. “Mooooom, why is she hugging me?”

    So sweet that Ryan had flowers waiting for you when you arrived! He might be a keeper. 😉

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